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Run and smile

The global running community

One community for runner from all around the world. No matter how fast or how far you run. As long as you enjoy running you are a HAPPY RUNNER.

All about running

The More You Run The Bigger Your Smile

The Happy Runner podcast is all about runners. Tune in to hear stories from runners from different places and backgrounds.

Our training plans work for the majority of runners. For those who just want to start running to those who want to run a marathon under 3 hours.

Our pace charts are for all common distances in min/km and min/miles. They are free and ready for use on your training runs or in races.

Personal support is so much more than just coaching. We help you one on one to achieve your running dreams and goals.


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Get your race strategy right with our Race Pace Calculator

You don’t want to get your pacing wrong on race day. Be smart and prepare your race strategy days before the race with our race pace calculator to get your kilometer or mile paces, as well as your split times.

About us

Run and Smile is a global running community for all runners.

It doesn’t matter if you run 5k for an hour or a marathon way under 3 hours.

As long as you are able to smile while running you are a HAPPY RUNNER.

You should run for your own pleasure and gain advantages through the positive effects from running for your body.

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