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There are a lot of different running training plans out there, most of them are good. So why should you use our training plans?

First of all they are free and we will do everything possible to keep it that way.

We want to provide training plans for all kind of runners, for those who are about to start running and for those who want to run a sub 3.00 marathon.

Our training plans have been tested in the past by runners of different abilities and they work for the majority.

Feel free to download and use our plans.

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There are a lot of differrent training plans today on the internet. But you will not always find training plans for those just starting the running jurney, to plans that are needed by those who want to run a marathon under 3 hours, in one place. All training plans are 100% free and we will try to keep it that way.

The training plans have been developed by a running coach and they work (for most runners). Why for most? We all are different, you have to keep that in mind and adjust the training plans according to your abilities. And if you need help from a running coach? Email us and we will make sure to find one for you.

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