saysky race day gear

August 3, 2023

Saysky race day gear

Time has come to talk about Saysky race day gear. The story of Saysky started in 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then Saysky became a global player in the running wear market. When you receive a Saysky product it’s packed in a bag with the inscription: “Premium performance sportswear with an urban and casual attitude”.

According to Saysky, the vision of the company is to progress and elevate the apparel scene of running and to nurse the contemporary generation of athletes who are passionate and serious about their sport, yet with a laid-back mindset. They design high performance products in superior quality, so we can practice our sport – whether we do it for personal ambition, mental well-being, or just letting off some steam.

If you are watching big city marathons over TV not many pro and sub pro athletes are using Saysky race day gear. In fact I haven’t seen anyone in the last two years. But there are some recreational runners, me included, who use Saysky products in running races. Are these products really better than products from more established brands?

Well this article is not a comparison. I will try to give you my honest opinion on the Saysky products I used during my last races.

Before I start a quick disclaimer: I got the Saysky race day gear from Top4Running, the Nr. 1 online running store in Europe, for the purpose of review. However, I am not payed to publish this review and no one from Top4Running or Saysky will get to read my thoughts before it will be published.

Saysky 2 in 1 Pace shorts 5

Yes, they are feeling premium. The fit of the shorts is just perfect and once you put them on you forget about them. That’s how running shorts should be. No tight spots, no rubbing, not too long or too short and with more than enough pockets to run a marathon in them. The shorts have a zip pocket on the back, two inside back pockets for gels and two pockets on the outside of the tights. 

I never run a marathon with more than 5-6 gels and there is enough space in the pockets to put them in. If you want to run with your phone, you can put it in your back zip pocket and you’ll still have enough space for 6 gels in all the other pockets.

If you are used to take even your own drink with you on a race, you can put a small soft flask in the outside pockets. You should get used to it first because to me it felt a bit strange running with a soft flask.

So if you are looking for shorts with a lot of pockets that are very comfortable you can’t go wrong with the Saysky 2 in 1 pace shorts 5. However, if you want shorter shorts, maybe the combat shorts 2’’ are a better option. Just keep in mind that they don’t have all the pockets to carry gels or other stuff you want to take with you.

Saysky Combat Short Tights

These tights are made from recycled polyester. If you are looking for a sustainable product, this is the one you are looking for. The fit is slim, quite tight with a normal waist. Other half tights I use are thinner and before I first used the Saysky short tights I thought they are more for colder weather. 

As the Saysky pace shorts also the tights have more than enough pockets to store everything you need to run a marathon or any other race. You have two side pockets and a big zip back pocket, that can even store a larger phone. In each of the side pockets you can carry easily up to 3 gels and even a smaller soft flask fits into them.

But the main reason I use these tights for my races is, that they fit perfectly and they stay exactly the same way during each and every run. They sit tight enough but not too tight. For me they are the perfect marathon and half marathon option.

Saysky Combat Singlet

The Combat Singlet is made out of premium materials and it feels like that. During the whole run it stays the way you put it on. It doesn’t slide around and during your arm swing you don’t feel a thing. It’s breathable and a great option even if it’s a bit warmer outside. The sweat evaporates quickly from it and even after running in rain it doesn’t feel heavier after the run.

And the look of the singlet? It is a bit different, or with an urban and casual attitude, as Saysky would say.

Final Verdict

Saysky race day gear that I tested is premium performance sportswear. The design of the products is unique, maybe not for everyone. You’ll probably stand out if in a group of many runners. The products are maybe a bit expensive, but due to the great quality I think they will last for a very long time.

If you are looking for products made from sustainable sources, Saysky gear is what you are looking for.

I am an ambassador with Top4Running, the number one online store for runners in Europe. If you want to buy Saysky running apparel (or any other running apparel or shoes), please use the link below to support the Run and Smile community.

Use the code: Roman for an additional 5% discount.

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